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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dare 2 Dream visits Fairview Gardens

As we expand into organic farming, we have looked to another local organic farm for inspiration and direction. Fairview Gardens is nestled in the Goleta Valley; their twelve acre operation is fully dedicated to sustainability, education, and their community. They are a truly urban farm, surrounded on all sides by ever-expanding development. Though a fairly small farm, the impact that Fairview has on their community is enormous. They continuously educate children and adults through their farm camps, cooking classes, and after school programs. Their delicious, fresh produce is sold through their farm stand, CSA’s, farmer’s markets, and restaurants.

The Dare 2 Dream crew headed out to Fairview Gardens to further educate ourselves on organic farming. Julie Beaumont, the Director of Farming Operations, gave us a great tour of Fairview, showing us everything from their seed houses to their irrigation systems, and letting us taste some of their farm fresh strawberries (Fairview is famous for their plump, sweet strawberries) oranges, and kale. We even got to get some hands-on experience helping in the garden, spreading mulch around the pomegranate trees. 
WWOOFers Heather and Morgan mulching and having a blast!

Afterwards we were rewarded with a beautiful, mouth-watering lunch; chard soup with cumin, cilantro and lime, turnips with a miso glaze, smokey kale and sweet potato cakes, arugula salad, carrots with grapefruit juice, and an orange and rosemary compote drizzled with honey for dessert. It was phenomenal. All the ingredients were freshly picked from Fairview Gardens’ fields that morning.

During our short visit to Fairview Gardens, some of the things that really astounded us about their project was being able to see organic practices on a large scale, getting new structure ideas, learning about the necessity of crop variety, and feeling the satisfaction of knowing your food. The Dare 2 Dream crew had an amazing time at Fairview Gardens and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for us as we embrace our new future in organic farming! 

By: Shelby Corwin
Photos by: Mackenzie Reiss
WWOOF-USA | Dare 2 Dream Farms  

Lef to Right: Casey, Megan, and Jeremy of Dare 2 Dream Farms

Their lovable goats were fun to watch and play with before lunch.
WWOOFers Kristen and Shelby

WWOOFer Andrea

Julie Beaumont with WWOOFers Joachim and Victor

WWOOFer Morgan

Jeremy Raff spreading mulch under the pomegranate trees 

WWOOFer Victor admiring Fairview Gardens

Megan Raff having fun hard at work

WWOOFer Andrea gets a different angle on the mulching
WWOOFer Alan having a great time on the tour

WWOOFer Shelby enjoying the sun after some hard work

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