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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Free T-Shirt Giveaway!

We just created our first farm t-shirts! A great friend of ours, Imad Bolotok (a.k.a. Frosty back in the good days), has been doing some incredible work developing his own graphic design company If Man Is Five ( - it's worth a look!). We asked him to create a new work shirt for us - and thought, "what the heck! let's have him make something fun too!" And he did. And it's beyond awesome!!

We have now officially created our farm tagline: "Know It, Grow It, Love It". 

And we are pleased to present to you, our first t-shirts! A way to show off your love for backyard chickens, urban farming, and local food, or to just flaunt your good green side and your urban farming dream (the t-shirt is green - see what I did there? lol). 

Without further ado...

Dare 2 Dream Farms Know It, Grow It, Love It T-shirt
Know It, Grow It, Love It T-Shirt

Dare 2 Dream Farms "Change" T-shirt
Dare 2 Dream Farms "Change" Shirt - Front

Dare 2 Dream Farms "Change" T-shirt
Dare 2 Dream Farms "Change" Shirt - Back

Let us know what you think! We will be Giving Away a free shirts for every 25 comments on our blog. To Enter To Win:

1: Like our Facebook Page at
2: Comment on this blog post.

Giveaway Ends 3/21/13 Eligible entries chosen at random and will be notified via email, if provided, or on our 3/21/13 blog posting. Winners will have until 4/1/13 to claim giveaway. 

Winners will be notified at random


    Wonderful T-shirt, I liked it. I really want to win it!)

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    I want to win this!

  3. Cool T-shirt!! I want to win this


  5. really nice? want one for me

  6. I really want to win it!

  7. love it! super cute! congratulations on your growing business! you both are amazing...and always SO patient with my million and one questions =)

  8. Aaaaahhhhhhhh I need to win a shirtttttttttttt pleaseeeeee I love you guys and your farm and my chickens are very happy and im going to get more this Friday!!!! ^o^

  9. We want a shirt!!! We picked up our 5 chickies a few weeks ago and LOVE them!! Loved being able to bring my 5 kiddos there to see all that you do as well. Thanks so much!! Our life wouldn't be the same without you guys!

  10. such a sweet shirt!!! love your farm! love you all!

  11. Very nice! Do you guys show up at any local farmers markets?

  12. Your WWOOF Katie is my niece. She is having a blast working on your farm. Take good care of her. She's a doll!

  13. I live in Quebec and this concept sounds interesting. Do you have literature on how to raise free ranging chickens. Keep up the good work ! I live in the northern part of the province and there is good land up here to raise Buffalo.

    Alain Moisan
    121 de la Sablonniere
    Pointe-Lebel, Québec
    Canada G0H 1N0